artwork by Jon Hammer

a place to put some pictures of groovy old joints

Grande Dame

The Baroness and I had yet another terrific meal the other night at one of the remaining all-time greats, Le Veau d’Or.  Against all odds this place keeps getting better without losing any of its charm. The horror of the past few months melted away as we luxuriated in the timeless beauty of this sweet old East Side stalwart.  We even coaxed a tiny pursed lip grin out of the ancient waiter, which should mark the evening as a ground breaking success.  The rest of the evening degenerated into an unexpected Alice in Wonderland tour of two more neighborhood hot spots which I won’t try to describe here—but don’t let anyone tell you the old folks don’t know how to party.  In a nutshell, the weirdness that ensued left us laughing, but made me think we might have quit while we were ahead.  Anyway, keep Le Veau d’Or on your short list and take every opportunity to go there.  ‘Nuff said.  This is a sketch of the pigeon holes that hold the checks behind the bar.  Deserving of a proper painting one day soon.

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